Why should I give through the 40 Hands in Forty Days website versus directly to an organization?

When you donate your tax-deductible funds to any of the 40 during the campaign, not only do you play a vital role in overcoming the financial hurdles the participating charities face in the current year but your contribution could secure your charity a position as one of the Top 10 on our Leaderboard, guaranteeing them a spot in the 2020 campaign! Furthermore, your generous contribution could increase the additional funding a charity could receive as a result of the funds our Philanthropy Partners could bring to the program. For donations to count towards these partner rewards, all donations must be made through the 40 Hands in Forty Days website.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, all 40 nonprofit participants featured in the 40 day campaign are recognized 501(c)(3)’s by the IRS and all donations made on are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Absolutely! An electronic receipt will automatically be generated from 40 Hands in Forty Days and sent to the email address the donor provides as soon as they make their online donation during the campaign. Additionally, each nonprofit may send donors an acknowledgment letter of gratitude (unless you would prefer to be fully anonymous).

Is an anonymous donation an option?

Yes, when donors are ready to check out, they will be prompted to choose from one of the following:

No – I want the organization to know who the donation came from.

Partially – I wish only to receive a donation acknowledgement letter from the organization, but want no further communication or acknowledgement in annual reports.

Fully – I do not want the organization to know my name or contact me.

Can I dedicate my donation to the memory of, or in honor of somebody?

Yes! During checkout, you will have the opportunity to list the name of the person you would like to recognize.

Can I get a refund on my donation if I change my mind?

No, all donations are final and cannot be reversed or changed.

What methods of payments are accepted on the 40 Hands in Forty Days portal?

The following credit cards are accepted when submitting your donation:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club & UnionPay
Debit cards are also accepted as long one of the logos from the credit card companies listed above is listed on your debit card.

Is there a minimum donation?



As a nonprofit, why do I want to be involved?

With over 19,000 nonprofits in Colorado alone, the challenge to survive in this competitive climate has become exceedingly difficult. To stay afloat, fundraising events (dinners, golf tournaments, galas, runs, etc.) have become critical in accumulating funds to apply towards each unique mission. However, as you know, it not only takes a village it also takes an investment in resources to plan and execute successful, engaging events. 40 Hands in Forty Days provides an easy, “non-event” solution to complement your calendar of events without all the costly resources.

It should also be noted that donors are starting to reach their limit on the number of these events they can continue to pack into their already crowded calendar. While the heart of giving is still alive and pumping, donors are looking for solutions that take less investment in their time. Our platform was designed with this reason in mind in order to provide a stress-free, gratifying experience for the donor without impacting their valuable time.

Lastly, inclusion as one of the 40 brings valuable promotion and exposure to your organization. Through the 40 Hands in Forty Days portal, not only will your mission will be visible to all donors and traffic on the site, but our Media and Philanthropy Partnerships may bring additional awareness and funding to our 40 nonprofits!

Is there a deadline to apply to be one of the 40 nonprofits for the 2019 or 2020 spring campaigns?

The application window for the 2019 spring campaign closed at 5:00PM MST on Friday, November 30, 2018.

The application window for the 2020 spring campaign will open in the fall of 2019. Make sure to subscribe to our list to be notified when the dates are announced.

What types of nonprofits will be eligible to participate in the 40 Hands in Forty Days campaign?

Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofits that meet these qualifications can apply for consideration.

As a general rule, fundraising expenses should be kept under 35%. What are the fees and how does this campaign measure up?

In a survey conducted by Grey Matter Research, it was revealed that charities actually spend 36.9 cents on the dollar, which is very close to the acceptable standard within the industry of 35%. At 40 Hands in Forty Days, our fundraising expense is only 14% which is the only cost passed on to the participating nonprofits from donations raised. That’s 60% lower than the tolerable levels that many organizations absorb from their fundraising events.

As a nonprofit, our dinner’s, gala’s, tournaments and fundraising events are successful. Should we consider replacing an event with this campaign?

Charity fundraising events are an absolute necessity to the survival of any nonprofit. 40 Hands in Forty Days unequivocally supports the valuable touch point and funding that can be achieved from a successful event and would not suggest our campaign should be a replacement. However, we encourage you to explore the following thoughts:

  • Driving awareness for your cause is vital. Your current events provide this but are you messaging to the same audience at every event? Are you broadening your reach to promote the good you’re doing to new eyeballs? 40 Hands in Forty Days is capable of widening your range by being part of something special that will significantly increase exposure for your organization. With 40 nonprofits setting out to raise the bar on their mission, much attention will be given to the traffic our site will deliver. Additionally, our media partners will assist in the publicity that will benefit each one of our 40 nonprofits. Remember, increasing awareness is likely to capture the heart and soul of new donors whose lifetime value will never do anything but rise.
  • How are you finding new donors? Since fundraising is built upon finding new donors and building relationships, having sources for bringing in new donors is essential. This means creating new opportunities and getting involved in programs that introduce your mission to an untapped population. Furthermore, if your events are not being freshened up each year, not only are they not attracting new prospects, they are likely becoming stale for your current donor base. A new campaign with a fresh approach and new prospect avenues could be worth exploring.
  • It is no secret that your donors are likely attending other charity events around the corner. Is there a limit to the number of rubber chicken dinners one can attend in any given year? As mentioned towards the top of this page, the available time of the donor is being spread more thinly than ever before. Sadly, this fast paced world has placed more responsibilities, pressure and ways to fill up our weekly calendar. If not having enough time isn’t a real issue for your donors now, it will be soon. 40 Hands in Forty Days provides a solution that keeps the time of the donor top of mind.
  • While your current events might be well attended and raise good money for your cause, are you aware of your true return of your event investment? If not, you should. Organizations should determine which activities are most profitable and reallocate scarce resources accordingly by understanding the cost to raise a dollar. Follow this formula:

Cost to raise $1 = expense (direct and indirect) / net revenue

Your direct expenses for the event could be things like entertainment, venue, food, decorations, invitations, etc. Your indirect expenses are things like time spent planning, marketing, selling, etc. tied to your Event Coordinator, Executive Director, Development Director, Board Members, etc.

Let’s plug in some simulated numbers from a gala for a quick example:

Gross Revenue          $100,000

Direct Expenses        $50,000

Indirect Expenses      $27,000

Net Revenue              $23,000

$77,000 (Expenses) / $23,000 (Net Revenue) = $3.35 (Cost to Raise $1)

So, in this example, it cost this organization $3.35 to raise $1. While nice money was raised, the return is not very attractive. Participation in our campaign, at 14% (expenses include payment processing, digital marketing, technology, campaign platform inclusion & program fees), cost only $1.63 to raise a dollar. Whatever your return is on your events, we consider 40 Hands in Forty Days as a fresh, low cost compliment or replacement to your event lineup that requires minimal time and effort on the part of your donor.

As one of the 40 nonprofits, who is responsible for educating our donor base about the campaign?

Each nonprofit is responsible for educating their own donor base about their inclusion in the campaign and encourage support during the giving season in order to maximize contributions.

Will nonprofits participating in the campaign, have access to donor information?

Yes. If you’re a participating nonprofit, you will only receive donor information from those donors that donate specifically to your organization unless the donor elects to remain anonymous.

Are donor databases shared between participating nonprofits?

There is NO sharing of databases/lists required or given between the participating nonprofits.


When is the 40 day campaign?

The 2019, 40 Hands in Forty Days campaign will run from Monday, March 11th through Friday, April 19th.

How are the 40 nonprofits selected?

When applications are submitted, they will first be reviewed to confirm eligibility and validate required documentation. At that time, 40 Hands in Forty Days will utilize best efforts in gathering participants from as many classifications as possible in order to provide several options for donor consideration and evaluate how each organization will support and promote the campaign based on their proposal presented within their application.

How can I learn more about the 40 nonprofits?

Once the 40 are selected, you’ll find their logo listed at the bottom of the homepage that will allow donors to click through to their profiles and learn more about each organization.