Colorado Non-Profits

Mark your calendars as our 40-Day journey will start on March 2nd and conclude on April 10th! To be considered for the 2020 campaign, qualified 501(c)(3) organizations interested in being one of the 40 nonprofits, will need to apply through the application link below.


To participate in 40 Hands in Forty Days, an organization must meet and agree to the following established eligibility guidelines:

  1. You must be a 501(c)(3) public charity, recognized by the IRS as a qualified recipient of tax‐deductible gifts.
  2. You must provide your individual IRS Letter of Determination to participate.
  3. You must provide your most recent year’s 990 or 990-EZ (Form 990-N will not be accepted).
  4. You provide services in Colorado and have a physical, operating address in Colorado.
  5. Must be recognized by the Colorado Secretary of State of being established for a minimum of 2 years from the submitted date of application.
  6. Registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and provide:
    • A valid Certificate of Registration
    • A valid Certificate of Good Standing

Note: 40 Hands in Forty Days has final discretion in approving organizations for participation.

Participation Fee Guarantee

At 40 Hands in Forty Days, we are proudly structured to ensure that the donation from each donor gets delivered to their specific nonprofit in the full intended amount submitted. Even during checkout, the standard merchant processing fee of 2.99% + .30¢/donation is available for all donors to absorb guaranteeing 100% of their donation is given directly to their charity.

In addition, our upfront participation fee of $425 provides the following guarantee…if our collective efforts don’t result in a return on your investment, you’ll be refunded the difference of the gross donation amount raised for your organization as long as a minimum of $175 was raised during the campaign. Some examples:

Breakdown Nonprofit A Nonprofit B
Participation Fee $425 $425
Total Gross Funds Raised $240 $175 or lower
Fee Amount Returned $185 $250

Participation fees are applied directly to media expenditures, marketing, technology, development and campaign management.

Creating an Account & Application tips

  • Before you begin filling out your application, you will need to create an account. IMPORTANT: When creating your account, you will need to enter an email address. This address will serve as your username that will be tied to your organization. There can only be one username per organization. When determining which username to use, we strongly recommend using an email that will not change or be removed from your organization’s list of active emails in the future. Some helpful examples include “info@” or “executivedirector@”. Avoid using emails that are tied to individuals or positions that are temporary, part-time or have higher than normal turnover.
  • Once you’re ready to begin to fill out the application, allow yourself 5-15 minutes depending how prepared you are.
  • The application will not allow you to start and save to complete later. You’ll need to complete and submit during one sitting.
  • Have the documents listed towards the top of this page available and ready to upload.
  • Before you start filling out the application, read through each section to better understand if you’ll want to do a little prep work in order to speed through!

When applications are submitted, they will first be reviewed to confirm eligibility and validate required documentation. At that time, 40 Hands in Forty Days will utilize best efforts in gathering participants from as many classifications as possible in order to provide several options for donor consideration and evaluate how each organization will support and promote the campaign based on their proposal presented within their application.

Nonprofit applications are now being accepted. Don't wait and apply TODAY!

Non-Colorado Inquiries

We’re in the process of developing support to bring our campaign to other states next year. If you’re a nonprofit or donor interested in elevating funding and awareness in your state, please let us know.