40 Hands in Forty Days was created to provide much needed, critical support for nonprofit communities. With organizations longing to raise awareness and funding for their mission in an extremely competitive fundraising landscape, the concept for this program was born.

Each spring, over the course of 40 days, 40 nonprofits will take part in a unique fundraising effort. During this exciting phase, donors will be exposed to a fun and simple way of connecting and contributing online to vital areas of the community.

How it Works

Throughout the 40 days, donors will have the opportunity to donate tax-deductible funds to any, or several, of the awarded charities through the 40 Hands in Forty Days online donation portal. Donors will be able to view profiles for all 40 nonprofits in order to better understand their mission, cause and needs. The 2022 giving season will run from Monday, March 7th through Friday, April 15th.

How the 40 Win

Leading up to and throughout the campaign, each nonprofit will benefit from the promotional exposure as new and existing donors will be driven to the 40 Hands in Forty Days website. During the 40 days, nonprofits will direct their donors to contribute to their cause through the 40 Hands in Forty Days online portal where donated funds during the period go directly to the nonprofit each donor specifies.

Participating nonprofits will be able to promote their cause to all visitors. Each will have a dedicated page within the site highlighting their mission and tools available to tell their story through pictures and video.

Furthermore, 40 Hands in Forty Days was developed for companies looking to channel their philanthropy during this high profile campaign. These Philanthropy Partnerships will be creatively structured, providing incentives for nonprofits throughout the campaign. Any of the participating 40 may be eligible for this form of additional funding that will be directly awarded above and beyond all donations received from donors during the 40 days. These generous partners will be listed on our partner page when they come aboard for you to better understand how you can help your nonprofit achieve these additional funds!

How the Top 10 Win

When visitors enter the 40 Hands in Forty Days website during the campaign season, a leaderboard will display the current donation levels each nonprofit has accumulated from all donations to date. At the conclusion of the 40 days, the top 10 nonprofits that raise the largest percentage of donations will have the opportunity to return and participate in the 2023 campaign!

While the remaining 30 won’t automatically be included in the following year, each will be able to reapply when the application window opens for the 2023 campaign.

An organization can only be included in 40 Hands in Forty Days for a maximum of three consecutive years. If organizations reach this milestone, they will not be eligible for their 4th year. However, any of those organizations would be eligible once again after serving one year of ineligibility.

Nonprofit applications are now being accepted. Apply TODAY!